What to expect in a beginner's course


Our Beginner's course is designed to make sure that you are engaged and having fun, while progressively learning some of the basics of HEMA, fencing and longsword. 

  • Beginner's course runs for six weeks
  • Classes are Thursdays & Saturdays. The same class is taught on Thursdays and the subsequent Monday.
  • Course start dates are approximately every 6-8 weeks. If registration is open, then the start date has been announced.
  • Equipment needed: None! Just wear athletic clothing and shoes. (At the end of week 3, we strongly recommend purchasing a fencing mask if you think you will continue past the beginners course. You can purchase them through the club.)

Weeks 1-3: Technique & Theory

The first 3 weeks are to introduce you to the weapon, and some of the skills you will use in your fencing career.

  • Components of a longsword
  • German longsword theory
  • Fundamental guards & cuts
  • Basic footwork

Weeks 4-5: Competitive drilling

Weeks 4 & 5 we start understanding some of the fundamentals of non-compliant fencing.

  • The 3 segments of a fencing exchange
  • Distance & Timing - how to apply your footwork.
  • What is a 'quality' attack and why it's important.
  • Introduction to sparring with safety weapons.

Week 6: Sparring games

Week 6 you will spar, with steel, for your very first time! 

  • Coached sparring - you will spar against an instructor or an advanced student, and then we will discuss strengths, where we can improve, and potential fighting styles for you going forward.
  • Sparring games - Sparring often times requires direction, and we will show you some of the sparring games we play to improve specific skills.


  • Full Course: $75. Includes access to both Thursday and Saturday classes.
  • Saturday only: $50. Access to only the saturday class.

Beginner's Class Times:

  • Thursdays @ 7:40pm
  • Saturdays @ 2:00pm

Class Length: 1 hr.

The same material is taught on Thursdays and Saturdays. So if you miss a class or just want to up your skills, we have you covered.

Register for Classes

Beginner's classes run in six week cycles, and we limit them to 15 students. Reserve now, and email us for when classes start!

You will be taken to our membership platform - just click on 'memberships' in the navigation to get started.

Have questions before you register? Feel free to contact us