What to expect in OUR beginner's course

Our Beginner's course is designed to make sure that you are engaged and having fun, while progressively learning some of the basics:

Fencing Theory - introducing you to the ideas of distance, timing, and understanding your opponent’s intent

Sparring and Club Culture - You will have to the chance to both use safety weapons, as well as steel weapons towards the end. We teach you how our club approaches sparring, and how we treat each other when we do.

German Longsword Techniques - Giving you some of the fundamental techniques of german longsword to prepare you for our intermediate classes where you will hone those skills.

The only question we want you to answer at the end is this - did you have enough fun that you want to continue learning, training, an growing as a fencer? If the answer is yes, join us as a full time student. 

Equipment needed: None! Just wear athletic clothing and shoes. (At the end of week 3, we strongly recommend purchasing a fencing mask if you think you will continue past the beginners course. You can purchase them through the club.)



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Intro Pricing:

  • Full Course: $85. Includes access to both Thursday and Saturday classes, and a free DHFA shirt.

Beginner's Class Times:

  • Thursdays @ 8:00 pm

  • Saturdays @ 2:00 pm

Class Length: 1 hr.


Full Membership & Intermediate Classes

Once you’ve completed the beginner’s course (or an instructor has informed you that you can advance), you can join as a full time student!

Full membership has plenty of benefits:

  • Access to all classes and floor times - Mondays & Thursdays & 7:40pm, as well as open floor time on saturdays from 1pm-4pm.

  • Access to study groups (Saturdays @ 2pm), which currently are sword and buckler and saber. In the future: rapier & dagger, solo dagger.

  • Discounts on any club events - guest instructors, tournaments, etc.

  • 3 private lessons per quarter! Private lessons are an amazing way to improve your fencing skills, so we provide up to 3 free ones per quarter to all full members.

  • A sword family. DHFA is committed to a safe, welcoming environment where everyone feels like they matter and can train in historical fencing in a constructive space.

Cost: $90 per month (financial assistance is available - speak to Jason or Heather, or email instructor@denverhistoricalfencing.com)

Open Floor Membership

Do you train at another club already, or do you want to just come spar with us? Our open floor membership allows you to come during sparring hours and get some fencing in.

Cost: $50 a month

Punch Card Membership

Is your schedule sporadic? Then our punch card will work for you.

Cost: $150 for 10 classes.