Ancient weapons, modern training.

The European martial arts were either lost to time, or evolved into sport forms - modern fencing, boxing, and wrestling.

However, through the hard work, ancient manuscripts written by skilled masters are accessible to the public.

We are starting to understand the lost martial arts of Europe.

What have we found? Martial arts just as nuanced, technical, and artful as any of those found in Asia. 

You can now learn the historical european martial arts as they were intended, in a safe, controlled environment. Become a sword fighter.

This is a weapons-based martial art that you can apply to one of  the fastest growing combat sports in the world.

You will learn one of the most important weapons in history:

The nimble, artful longsword.

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What is HEMA?



Our Instructors

Jason Barrons after winning bronze at Longpoint 2017's tier B open longsword tournament. There were 100 fighters.

Jason Barrons

LOVES: German Renaissance Longsword, Sword and Buckler, Single Stick, cutting with sharps, playing with scissors, training new fencers.

Jason is the president of The HEMA Alliance, and editor-in-chief of Measure and Weigh, a HEMA product review website.

 Jason has won Gold at Study in Steel 2017,  Silver in both the open steel longsword and team event at PHO 2017, as well as bronze in the 100 fencer tier b steel longsword tournament at Longpoint 2017. He is currently ranked 40th in the USA & 107th in the world for Longsword, and ranked as high as 80th in Sword and Buckler.

Aaron Karnuta at Rocky Mountain Krieg 2016

Aaron Karnuta

LOVES: German & Italian Longsword, Sword and Buckler, Rapier & Dagger, single handed weapons, sugar.

Aaron brings to DHFA an extremely deep knowledge of ancient masters and their manuscripts, and is the foremost HEMA researcher at DHFA.

Aaron recently won silver in the messer tournament at Longpoint 2017 and gold in the open steel longsword at RMK 2017. He is ranked 82nd in the world in longsword. Previously he had placed 4th at Socal Swordfight 2015, and top 16 at Longpoint 2016.

Sam Beardsley likes too many swords

Sam Beardsley

LOVES: German Longsword, Rapier & Dagger, Single Rapier, Messer, being fucking weird.

The resident left handed instructor, Sam is an expert at helping you discover what openings are exposed and you don't realize it.

Recently Sam came  in 3rd in single rapier at RMK2017, Silver in the basic cutting tournament at Longpoint, and is ranked 69th in the world for rapier and dagger.


Meghan o'connell

LOVES: Medieval German Longsword, introducing folks to fencing, snazzy sparring socks, the utility of panniers.

Meghan comes to Denver from New York City, where she trained at the renowned NYHFA school with some of the best instructors and fencers in the world. She brings an excellent knowledge of early german longsword, and how to whoop the ass of anyone of any size. Meghan is ranked 68th in the world in women's longsword.


Where we train

Crossfit Lodo
601 W 29th Ave
Denver, CO 80202


  • Mondays & Thursdays 7:40pm
  • Saturdays 1pm
 We are nice people with swords. You should come be a nice person with a sword too.

We are nice people with swords. You should come be a nice person with a sword too.

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You can also email us at instructor@denverhistoricalfencing.com


Our pledge to you


all are welcome at dhfa

One of the oldest manuscripts in the world (1320's )features a priest teaching a student progressively more advanced counters.

Towards the end of the book, a woman fencer shows up, and proceeds to dismantle all of those techniques.

She is an expert fencer.


Historical European Martial Arts are not just an art and sport for athletes or men - anyone of any size, age, or gender is welcome at DHFA.  HEMA is for everyone

The sword is the great equalizer - let's find one that feels like home to you.


We have a Spotify playlist

Before class, and while we're sparring, a little music goes a long way.

This playlist is collaborative, so our students and instructors can always add to it.

Just no Burt Bacharach, ok?